The problem with telling people you have a blog is that they inevitably ask what you write about, and then you have to confess that you haven’t actually really posted anything. I had planned to start posting in the new year, but that was a bit diverted given that I’m back in Florida after only a brief post-holidays return to Boston.

Sitting shiva has been instructional, among other things.

I had my future told with coffee residue, which was a first. It seems this is a skill of my great-uncle’s wife, who until now I had never met as they live in Mexico. I have been informed that I have a pure soul, free of jealousy, and that there are people who speak badly of me because they are jealous but I should disregard them and follow my path. This seems a bit unlikely, as I wouldn’t list “devoid of jealousy” under my virtues, but maybe something to aspire to in the new year. I don’t make resolutions until mid-January as a matter of personal policy, so it will go on the contemplation list.

Also going on the contemplation list: a regular posting schedule, and not mentioning that this blog exists until I have one.



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