Things I have done or plan to do this week with the excuse that “it are my birthday:”

  • Contemplated leaving the gym ten minutes early
  • Watch at least 3 episodes of Dr. Who without feeling guilty for not cleaning while doing so
  • Tried to convince myself to write cover letters with hopes that some birthday magic will be imbued in them and I will get a job as a gift
  • Not actually written cover letters (work in progress)
  • Give myself an excessively garish sparkly manicure
  • Inflict a third viewing of The Hobbit on my astonishingly tolerant boyfriend without offering to pay for his ticket
  • Travel to Chicago for the weekend despite tenuous financial situation
  • Spend at least 3 of my 4 nights in Chicago in a bar, also because how else am I supposed to convince my alcoholic friends to spend time with me
  • Eaten the Reese’s cups somehow still left over from Halloween for breakfast

In exchange for my childish selfishness surrounding my birthday I promise not to get mad at anyone who doesn’t feel like shelling out to cater to my whims. Also I will buy my boyfriend at least two movie tickets in the future.


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