Like most of the northern hemisphere, I hate February. It somehow manages to drag on too long despite being only 28 days except when the cruel joke that is a leap year happens, mocking you with the promise that spring might await on the other side if you can ever make it there. I spent most of it doing my best to hibernate but it’s very difficult to job hunt from a dormant state, but that more or less consumed any mental energy I had left.

Lame, I know. We’ll see if I can be better in March. In the meantime, a brief recap of things that probably happened this past month:

  • Went snowboarding once. Fell upwards of 20 times.
  • Blizzarded.
  • Went to Vermont a second time. Did not go snowboarding. Spent an entire day driving around in search of food instead. Discovered the Alchemist Brewery. Possible photo post to come.
  • Finished The Hobbit.
  • Started The Magicians.
  • Applied to 15 jobs. Less than I had hoped for. Significant mid-month lag period, probably shouldn’t have given myself Valentine’s Day off.
  • Went and got volunteer orientated at 826 Boston. Keep missing opportunities to volunteer because I keep leaving town, hoping to start next week.
  • Tried to volunteer to pet cats. Had to put name on waiting list instead.
  • Participated in extensive bar trivia competitions. Still have not placed but have enjoyed coming up with progressively more absurd team names.
  • Discovered there is a bar near my apartment that offers a full-size pizza and pitcher of beer for $12. Immediately regretted that discovery about four hours later.
  • Wondered if I mention drinking too much on this blog given the recent knowledge that my family finally discovered it.
  • Watched more BBC Robin Hood than anyone who claims to have discerning taste in pop culture should.
  • Skyped into a Chicago Oscar party. Interacting with proximate humans overrated.
  • Went to Target and left with only two more things than planned on purchasing. Significant achievement.
  • Got to sneak into the Met on a Monday thanks to my rockstar volunteer grandmother. Saw Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity and the William Eggleston exhibit one day before everyone else, and overheard a private tour of Sleeping Eros.
  • Started contemplating summer music festival schedule. Contemplations will be basically moot if still unemployed by then unless the box I live in is located near Tanglewood.

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