Back again

Hello again, blog. I recently returned from a trip home to Florida for my brother’s graduation and have both the sibling envy complex and peeling shoulders to show for it, and the knowledge that my primary readership (read: close family members) are disappointed that I don’t update my blog more. Sorry Mom. Can I give you a blog post for Mother’s Day?

Either way, one should try to give the people what they want, no matter who those people are or whether they’re really asking for something of any value, so I’m going to attempt a regular update schedule again. I’ll start with “once a week hopefully” and work my way up from there. Maybe Wednesdays are a good day, as Wednesday is also Kitten Day now that I finally got off the wait list for the animal rescue association, and blogs and cats go together like me and my present inability to come up with a clever simile.

I woke up at 4 a.m., I’m sorry, and I’m still thrown off by the woman who had the middle seat in my row this morning and tried to steal my window seat just by sitting in it and hoping I wouldn’t say anything to correct her. She even patted the middle seat when I did say something, presumably in hopes that I would decide that her brazenness deserved a reward or possibly that I would not be so cruel as to make her stand up. Either way, it failed; I am very attached to my window seats. Hopefully she didn’t hold it against me too terribly. If anything she should be thankful, as odds of my drooling on her shoulder if I had sat in the middle were fairly high.


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