Guys I am having a time over here.

I am recently returned from an unexpectedly internet-less trip to the Cape (yes I am that level of New England now), which was preceded by a weekend in New York that included trips to both Babbo and Smorgasburg, so yes, I am actually now a complete sphere made solely of carbs, compounded by the fact that I’ve spent the past hour eating Nutella out of the jar (somehow this was supposed to make me feel better about my apartment’s lack of AC, it would be working better if the Nutella had not liquefied).

I also ordered new shoes in a moment of complete consumer weakness. Zappos sent me both what I ordered and a mysterious pair of men’s shoes that I will be calling them to see if they want back. In the meantime I can only assume it’s a party favor in exchange for my years of loyal servitude, much like my unprompted VIP membership. I heart you, Zappos. You provide me with both shoes and the small excitements that get me through blurry weeks of unemployment.

Not sure why I’m trying to write this now other than sense of guilt about how long it’s been between updates as it’s really too hot to do anything but nap. More later. From the hopefully air-conditioned future. Maybe after I’ve gone through the Bourne Bridge traffic jam that is my inbox. Why all those emails are sitting there, I don’t know, I’m not sure any of them are even addressed to me or if they’re just the extremely lengthy email digests from the cat shelter Google Group.


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