Koh Lanta continues

– David has already caved and gotten laundry done. This is day 8 of our trip for those of you keeping score at home (based on when we left Boston). Amateur.

– Backpacker Disney World continues to be Disney-ish. I’m typing this from atop an elevated hut next to the ocean while reclining on a (somewhat battered) faded print pillow. If only their Wi-Fi were just slightly stronger and street food slightly more available (sorry parents), but I have already threatened to never leave. They have a very well-stocked 7-11, my new favorite store. The mosquitoes, however, may drive me away.

– We are officially sunburnt. Aloe is 195 baht. For now we remain officially aloe-less.

– Backpacker country count: France 2, Canada 2, Czech Republic 1, Australia 1. The Australian told us he’s on his third trip to Southeast Asia and he hardly ever meets any Americans. I am not terribly surprised.

– The answer to “what’s that smell?” is officially “I’m not sure but it might be my hair.” Alternately, I think it might be my purse. Possibly I should not be making fun of David for doing laundry but we also already knew I was the more disgusting of the two of us.

– My pajamas are still wet. That might also be the smell. We may have to stay at Backpacker Disney until they dry, though I’m worried that may be never. Luckily it’s only 400 baht a night. (The conversion rate is about 30 baht to 1 USD, so about $12.)


4 thoughts on “Koh Lanta continues

  1. after looking at pictures and 12 dollars a day my new retirement community

    1. You may want to reconsider that, $12 a day doesn’t get you air conditioning.

  2. Looks beautiful, but might it have been better in winter? You know how I feel regarding lack of a/c.

    1. Winter is high season, so everything is way busier and more expensive. Also this is when we had time, so this is when we are here.

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