Mini Cambodia

There was going to be a long post here but David monopolized the iPad with some bullshit like “registering for classes” or some other thing actually relevant to his future that is somehow more important than my dicking around on Tumblr and writing to a bunch of internet strangers about Asian Oreo flavors. So now I am too tired to be reasonably coherent. Have some listicles with minimal commentary instead. Full Cambodia recap TK, since we are taking the night bus to Vietnam tomorrow so it’s about that time. Temples! Lengthy bus rides! Killing fields! Mosquitoes! The FCC! Dust everywhere!

Places in Cambodia we have visited:
1. Siem Reap
2. Phnom Penh
3. Koh Rong
4. Sihanoukville

Times I have recently feared for my life:
1. While trekking through jungle in the middle of a rain storm, climbing a steep rock path, wearing flimsy Tevas
2. Basically every time I eat anything
3. While taking ferry back from Koh Rong in waves that were approximately as high as the tiny boat
4. Mid-afternoon at Angkor Wat

Foreign Oreo flavors tested, from most to least delicious:
1. Chocolate and peanut butter
2. Chocolate
3. Strawberry
4. Purplish (allegedly “Blueberry Ice Cream” but actually “Mentholated Cough Syrup”)

Songs David has adapted the lyrics to so that they are about tuk tuks:
1. “Zoot Suit Riot” (“Tuk Tuk Riot”)
2. “Combat Baby” (“Combat Tuk Tuk”)

Things I saw on Koh Rong:
1. Chickens in all life stages
2. So many fat rolly puppies
3. A vague shimmer in the water that may or may not have been the bioluminescent plankton
4. David almost faint when I pulled a very large splinter out of his hand from throwing driftwood into the water in an attempt to rouse said bioluminescent plankton
5. Three beaches
6. Four water buffalo
7. The happiest Thai chef who lives on the beach in a tent behind his food stall
8. A little girl pee on the floor in the middle of the restaurant I was about to eat dinner at while not a single one of her relatives so much as batted an eyelash

Places I have mosquito bites:
1. Everywhere, fuck it


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