Minor updates

– We are back in Thailand now. Full Vietnam post(s?) later when I am less tired.

– Having internet in the room is good for my working remotely but terrible for my sleeping. Apparently being abroad is not a guarantee that you won’t stay up unnecessarily late for absolutely no reason.

– Orange Oreos are superior to the purple ones but still not very good and weirdly mentholated. Possibly something to do with their being ice cream flavor?

– David has added “Countdown” to his repertoire of songs that can be made about tuktuks.

– The Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi is basically a demented fever dream of Communism. It is contested only by the White Temple in Chiang Rai, which has a pit of sculpted hands and a mural of 9/11 that includes Darth Vader on it, for the “Most Surreal Tourist Attraction I Have Seen So Far.”

– Everyone in Vietnam loves “My Heart Will Go On.” Even the crews of the Halong Bay boat tours, which just seems inappropriate.

– Vietnamese night buses are vastly superior to Cambodian ones even if people do sometimes sleep in the aisles.

– There is still no soap in Thailand. There is, however, always someone, somewhere, playing the song from Music & Lyrics.

– Getting dresses tailored in Asia when you have a 36-inch hip measurement apparently means you have to sit yourself down and have a long talk with your self-esteem. And your decision fatigue. More on that later.

– Planning to replace every article of clothing in my backpack with elephant pants.

– Have been invited to stay on a dairy farm in New Zealand 15 minutes from the Hobbiton set so I’ll see all of you in like five years maybe.


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