Ah yes, this

“I’m going traveling for seven months!” I said.

“Oh that’s great!” Everyone else said. “You should start a blog!”

“I already have one!” I said. “It’s super easy to find! I will definitely be updating it!”

Reader, I lied. I have been traveling for around six weeks already (I think; time is imaginary to me at this point) and I have not touched this dusty thing, clearly. I forgot how bad the layout is.

Why I decided 1 a.m. was the best time to do this will remain a mystery, but hello, I am here, this trip is happening.

For a while I actually did not think this would happen despite telling people it was going to, just because it seemed so preposterous to have thought about doing something for so long and then actually do it. Then about two weeks out I decided it was a terrible idea and everything I’d ever decided to do in my life was wrong and I should hide under a couch eating Trader Joe’s string cheese forever and never have to buy shoes at an REI or make another prospective itinerary spreadsheet again. Somehow I worked through this phase, mostly with the help of a lot of panicked Gchats and a completely responsible adult amount of alcohol, and we have now progressed nearly to the point where I can feel cool about things again. It does take a bit of time to get back into the backpacking groove that I had fallen into so nicely by the end of SEAsia, but my pack-up time is down to only about 20 minutes now and I only stress out about being validated on social media every two to three days, so I’m getting there.

The cheese here is much better than at Trader Joe’s, so that helps. Though my shoe angst especially has really been out of control.

Goal: Blog at least once per week because if I put that here then at least maybe I’ll feel some sense of accountability. At least 70% of said blog should not be me complaining about how tired I am (trying to get all your vitamins as a pescatarian on a budget in the Mediterranean, actually surprisingly hard! Ditto walking 10 miles a day! Probably should have traveled with iron supplements!). Maybe even do a photo post now and then, if I can make WordPress and my phone play nicely together?

If you’d like more regular updates with prettier pictures and fewer words, now is the time to follow me over on Instagram (@renabehar).

I will endeavor to get better at this. But not now, because it’s somehow become 2 in the morning and David, tyrant that he is, has insisted on setting an alarm tomorrow; apparently mobilizing at noon when you only average 2-4 days per city isn’t ideal. At this rate we’re going to have to reinstate the siesta.

Venice is lovely though. We were wandering around lost for a while just before sunset and the Piazza San Marco just opens up in front of you and you can see straight through to the water where the buildings look like a Singer Sargent painting and it’s almost so beautiful it’s infuriating.


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