Casualty list

It pains me greatly to announce that we have had our first casualties of the trip. Let us join hands and bow our heads in memory of the following:

– My primary pair of sunglasses. They apparently could not handle sharing the glasses case with my regular glasses and lost their central screws. They were a whole $8 at Target and served valiantly. Luckily I also have a backup pair, but they are not as large or as cute.

– The chocolate raspberry Luna Fiber bar that made it all the way here from our final Star Market trip, only to cruelly meets its demise in the jaws of the mouse in our bungalow at Backpacker Disney.

And, most tragically:
– My Kindle. The bottom part of the screen has frozen with the screensaver ad, not to be rescued no matter how many hard restarts I try or how sadly I paw at the screen. I’m fairly certain my keening noises could be heard around the island. The other tourists probably just attributed them to monkeys. But in truth it was my sad heart breaking for loss of my beloved Kindle, my companion through thick and thin, reading both respectable and dubious.

I will be contacting Amazon support to see if they can fix it, but its fate seems to be sealed, and I am not sure how I am supposed to do any reading for the rest of this trip. Buying paper, so pedestrian, so clunky, so heavy, so limiting. You had a good life and served me well, Kindle, and I hope to resuscitate you still but do not want to get my hopes up.


We have also made it to Koh Phi Phi, where we are staying at a hostel built into the side of a hill, successfully ensuring that I will not be able to have more than one drink at any point during our stay because I wouldn’t make it up the stairs. I barely climbed them with my backpack on when stone sober. It was very sad to leave Backpacker Disney on Koh Lanta, and I pine for our bungalow and the Curry Restaurant on the Main Street that officially had the best pad thai I have had in Thailand to date. Also how cheap everything on the island was.

Koh Phi Phi appears to basically be the Fort Myers Beach of Thailand. The hills around the port here look like a T-Rex should come storming out of the jungle at any moment so I have been humming the Jurassic Park theme basically non-stop since our arrival. If David murders me in my sleep, this may be why. The other reason might be that we rented a kayak this morning and he ended up doing two-thirds of the paddling, if not more. Or because I keep trading entrees with him at restaurants. His is a heavy burden.

We have also learned, while here, that we are terrible at partying. Everyone else is out raging and watching fire shows on the beach while we tried to go to bed at 9. We ended up being lured outside by the fact that even the cicadas were partying harder than we were, but just walked around on the beach in circles before giving up. How are we so uncool, I do not know. How do you party. How does this work. Can I Google it.

I am sincerely very sad about my Kindle.


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