Working away

I have been working for the past two hours at a karaoke bar on the harbor in Koh Phi Phi. (No, I’m not working while drunk, David has been in charge of drinking the beers while I keep the funds coming in. Hard burden, like I said.) They are playing the same ~10 early-2000s-ish power ballads, including “More Than Words” and “I Believe I Can Fly.” It has been delightful. And three beers still cost less than the equivalent amount of time in an Internet cafe would have.

We went snorkeling yesterday on a boat trip around the island. We contemplated doing a dive trip with the very aggressive Australians who try to shill to us every time we walk past their shop front, but I had my suspicions about the safety of an operation that says they can set you up with an open water dive after just a short lesson. My neuroses were confirmed by my uncle the certified and experienced diver, who believes that people only survive that sort of operation based on “luck, not safety” so we did not blow our budget on a fast trip to an embolism for now.

That being said, I would not recommend taking the long tail boat trip around Koh Phi Phi unless you have a very strong stomach and have made peace with your god. Definitely thought we were going capsize. Definitely would have been violently ill if I hadn’t weaseled my way into a Zofran prescription before we left. I am the world’s least fun adventure traveler. But the snorkeling was neat, even if the reefs sadly all seem to be dead or dying, and the small islands are much prettier than the main one.

Actually, I probably wouldn’t recommend coming to Thailand at all unless you have made peace with your god, because there will be a moment where you are barreling down the back roads of a mostly abandoned island in a motorcycle sidecar wondering what the hell you are even doing in this country at all.

Sorry, parents. Just pretend you didn’t read that part.

Likely leaving Koh Phi Phi tomorrow, though we haven’t committed to our next destination yet. We did miss the Full Moon Party, which is really preying on my FOMO. Maybe in July.


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