Small joys

David demanded that I write a blog post to express my unreasonable excitement about the fact that our hotel has given us not one, not two, but FOUR whole towels (two big ones and two small ones!). And an individually wrapped bar of soap in the bathroom! Shampoo AND conditioner! A shower curtain! TWO WHOLE ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER.

My expectations are very low these days. I personally did not want to write this, since I feel it is tempting fate too get too happy about things too soon, but I suppose the reaction itself should be catalogued.

I think there’s even a real blanket on top of the sheets versus the single sheet or giant towel that we have received previously. And a secondary mattress pad. The wonders do not cease.

It is, however, double the price of our previous accomodations, so there is that. Phuket appears to be very expensive. And also now officially holds the record for the most people I’ve seen riding in the bed of a pick-up truck (I think it was 16).

In other news I have obtained a dirtbag backpacker fedora because after two days of sun headaches I needed a hat, and when in Rome (or Koh Phi Phi).


3 thoughts on “Small joys

  1. How about a picture with the hat

  2. Keep one of the rolls of TP for later, the next stop may have none!

    1. Oh we did. We’re also each carrying a full roll but it never hurts to take the extra when it presents itself.

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