Week 2-3 photo dump

Featuring, hopefully in order but WordPress keeps fucking this up so who even knows: the cat who kicked me off my mat in the tree fort at Backpacker Disney in Koh Lanta; the baby chickens, view from our balcony, and the stairs of death at our hostel in Koh Phi Phi plus David getting in touch with his inner JJ Abrams at the port; Bang Pae Falls, the Gibbon Rehabilation Project, and Surin Beach in Phuket; the view from the ferry out of Surat Thani; Haad Rin in Koh Phangan (site of the Full Moon Party); boats at Koh Tao where we sadly did not dive because David got septic food poisoning; monkeys of Koh Phi Phi’s monkey island (not pictured: the sign saying “Beware of Monkey” with a picture of the evil monkey from Family Guy); and boat through Khao Sok Park.

My photo taking has significantly decreased for two main reasons. One, we’ve been on beaches, and I’m generally reluctant to bring the camera to the beach because sand. Two, we’ve been having some technical difficulties. And by technical difficulties I mean the camera has received a lot of being chucked around and at one point dropped and now the focus sensor in the lens is totally fucked. (Sorry Dad.) Autofocus no longer works and it doesn’t really read the manual focus properly. So just expect some blurry pictures from here on out because DSLR lenses do not just grow on trees, especially here.

We’re now in Koh Samui at our last stop in Thailand for this leg of the trip, assuming that things calm down by July and we can finish up our itinerary in Chiang Mai and Bangkok as planned. We already had to completely rehaul our plans for this part of the journey and will be flying to Siem Reap from here rather than taking the bus out of Bangkok since both the city and the border are apparently dubious territory, but that is what traveling is about.



















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